David John Butler

John is an ex Carpenter/Joiner who now does his lifelong love,Painting and Sculpting he is based in North London,England,has been into Art from a very young age,later as a Mature Student he studied Fine Art and Design,at the Colleges of Walthamstow and Hertfordshire over a period of four years,but is mostly self taught,with many different Styles and Subjects,constantly developing new Ideas and techniques,he also likes to work on many Art pieces at any one time,which helps generate more ideas for later work,that include Painting/Sculpting and Design and he likes using a mixture of mediums,he also likes plenty of Colour and Movement in all of his Art Work,most of his Paintings have a heavy Texture two dimensional affect and he also likes to give his Sculptures a kind of feeling and movement if possible, John has over the years had a few Exhibitions (one man shows) and has also been an Artist in residence, but now works at his own pace,Painting and Sculpting,all Art pieces are Original Works,,,,you can contact me through this site if you wish to.