A K Whitehead

As a painter, you might call me an "oilophobic". I paint only in oils
> -- none of that watery stuff! It's the choice of so many masters of
> old: inspired and self-controlled.
> For me, oil is the best foil for visual expression and interpretation:
> paint it thin or thick, landscape or sky-scape, drape it or scrape it.
> To underlay or overlay oil is the only way. Nor is one stuck with
> paper -- there's cotton or linen on frames, or card or board or timber.
> There are many artists whom I admire but especially Velazquez and Turner.
> I find much satisfaction in painting and not least in solving the
> technical and artistic problems involved. This is why I do not repeat
> scenes or subjects -- there seems little point in doing the same
> things repeatedly. It is also an exciting kind of work and, when not
> actually involved in it, I find myself preoccupied with the challenges
> still waiting to be undertaken.
> I am self taught and have painted on and off for many years but, for
> various reasons, it was not until about 2008 that I was able to
> concentrate more continuously on painting. I provide only originals,
> no copies.
> My approach is traditional and representational, making use of various
> techniques, including impasto and (particularly) glazing. My
> paintings generally fall into one or other categories of landscapes,
> seascapes, waterscapes, religious and still life and are generally
> provided with frames and fastenings and so are ready to hang.
> I hope you may like some of them!