Elena Mishina
I am a contemporary artist, creative thinker and writer working with a variety of mediums, ranging from paintings, installation work, ceramics to fashion and poetry.

Having studied Interior Design in Perth, Australia, I have been particularly interested in conceptual and product design. Working with three-dimensional objects and materials has later lead me to fashion styling and design in Melbourne, Australia. Since moving to Cyprus, I have undertaken abstract painting at Cornaro Arts Institute under the guidance of Andros Efstathiou, a notable Cypriot contemporary abstract artist. In addition, I learned contemporary free-style, Japanese-influenced ceramics in a series of workshops.

In 2018 I have held my first solo multidisciplinary art exhibition - "Anatomy of Sin", comprising mixed media paintings, installations from recycables, ceramic sculpture and poetry. More information can be found on:

Being especially interested in contemporary mediums and conceptual styles, I derive my inspiration from avant-guard influences, asymmetry and imperfection, textures, largely focusing on wabi-sabi aesthetics and an unexpected fusion of quite often uncongenial elements.

After continuous experimentation I have arrived to a gestural/action painting approach as I believe a work of art is a story, being told during the process of creation and therefore, all the elements such as markings and strokes, layers of paint, revealing underneath layers are all parts of that story. I always experiment with different media as it allows to add variety and texture to my work. All constituents of a painting blend together in one abstract image and at the same time are juxtapositioned randomly in order to evoke unexpected associations and sensations, allowing them to interact with the viewer...