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Butterfly Kiss

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  • Height: 30 cm
  • Width:  38 cm
  • Price:   £98.00
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Butterfly Kiss - Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print Fine Art Nude Self Portrait Limited Edition 10 Available. Giclee print on artists watercolour fine art paper, with keyline. Mounted onto 2mm board ready for framing. Certificate of Authenticity Included 12 x 15 Freedom was created a little differently today using continuous lighting from an old faithful set of softboxes I found in a spare room, it took me right back to when I first started taking portraits.... I wish I could hold you tight in my arms I wish I could give you all of my charm, I wish I could tell you just how you make me feel You give me fireworks in my stomach, like a catherine wheel I wish I could dance with you, our movements - in perfect symmetry... But all I can give is this Butterfly kiss In hope that you will always love me