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Internal Struggle - Original

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  • Height: 76 cm
  • Width:  60 cm
  • Price:   £950.00
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Internal Struggle ORIGINAL ARTWORK This is a beautifully detailed print finished in an anti scratch seal self portrait photography. 24x30" Fine Art Photographic Photographic Print Fine Art Nude Mounted on a 6mm MDF board. Printed in Metallic Fine Art Paper Sealed in a Anti scratch seal for maximum impact. Complete with Certificate of Authenticity Beautifully bringing out the golds & bronze tones.... This artwork is raw, gritty & the most open & honest piece to date, no retouch on the skin, no blemish removal & no skin smoothing.. this is 100 percent beautiful honesty captured 💛 A statement piece for your room Signed on reverse. No limited editions available This is a one off piece looking for a good home !